Artist Biography

Cyrah Dardas is Detroit Based multimedia painter and community organizer. Cyrah’s work examines modern American femme identity, specifically, in the context of blended families, mixed and multiracial people.

Cyrah’s Persian heritage informs her interest in pattern, method of stylization, and composition. Early on in her life, Cyrah’s grandmother taught her to sew and she became prolific in garment making, knitting, crocheting, and embroidery. This early introduction to fiber arts has impacted her practice greatly, often using fabric within her paintings or, useing textile pattern to inform her aesthetic decisions.

Cyrah received a Bachelors in Fine Art with emphasis in Education from Wayne State University in 2015. She has worked locally and internationally as an art educator; facilitating art classes, open studios and after school programming with youth. Cyrah, alongside co- facilitator Bree Gant, founded an Intersectional femme artist collective called Art Babes, a group dedicated to creating supportive spaces for femme creatives to make work, share resources, and promote themselves. Led by Cyrah and Bree, Art Babes have exhibited in 2 shows already and have 2 more in process for 2018.