My work is a commentary on the American experience through personal narrative

Highly stylized, and iconic in nature, my figures and subject matter are often repeated numerous times, recalling imagery of Persian textile design. Through the build up of these objects, my finished works become intricately composed tapestries.

My Persian heritage informs my interest in pattern and method of stylization, and gives insight to my overall method of composition. I flatten and simplify my subject matter in an attempt to reduce it to it’s most crucial elements, a stylistic trope of Persian miniature painters.  I combine this with quintessential American imagery, and references to pop culture to depict the contemporary femme queer experience through personal narrative

Themes of Femininity are central to my work. I am concerned with radical liberation and its connection to sexual liberation. I am interested in exploring intimate justice; the ability for womxn to be sexually and interpersonally satisfied.

I depict my own narrative, as a product of the diaspora of political unrest in the middle east, as survivor of sexual abuse, of mental illness, and as a queer woman, as an archetype for the modern feminine experience, creating a visual language.