Highly stylized, and iconic in nature, my figures and subject matter are often repeated numerous times, recalling imagery of ancient textile design. My materials, as well as my method of employing them nod to traditional women’s craft. I often use fabric within my paintings or, use textile pattern to inform my aesthetic decisions. Through the build up of these objects, my finished works become intricately composed environments.

My Persian heritage informs my interest in pattern and method of stylization, and gives insight to my overall method of composition. Themes of Femininity and the female maker are central. Using contemporary methods, I flatten and simplify my subject matter in an attempt to reduce it to it’s most crucial elements, a stylistic trope of Persian miniature painters.  I exaggerate and amplify my color palate; relying on a strong use of pinks and reds as they symbolize, to me, the female body. I frequently employ and exaggerate the vulva, placing it in places of prominence within my compositions. Its embellished presence seeks to elevate the vulva, and to relate it to iconography. The imagery I choose reinforces the sense of narrative in my work.